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Harmoni Monitor Stand

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Set at an ideal height at 9cm, the Harmoni Monitor Stand enhances your productivity and prevents you from getting eye and neck strain. Handmade by expert woodworkers in Poland, it’s created to provide you with ultimate comfort and a functional workspace.

Material: Natural Oak Wood, Natural Walnut Wood

Made in: Poland, Europe

Measurements: 45cm x 23cm (length-width), 35cm x 23cm (top surface), 9cm (height)

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a balancing board for?
Balance boards started out as fitness tools, typically different-shaped small platforms that you stand on. They have an unstable bottom, so as to create a standing area that challenges your ability to maintain your balance on an uneven surface.
2. Why is maintaining good balance important?
As man has evolved to walk upright and not on all fours like quadrupeds, maintaining an upright posture requires a sense of balance. Everything from walking, leaning over, lifting anything, and other daily activities requires balancing skill.
3. How can a balancing board help me with my balance?
Balance is actually a good indicator of one's ability to maintain any kind of activity. Without balance, we would simply be bedridden so as not to continually fall. A balancing board allows one to engage in a physical activity without unnecessarily strenuous effort. All one has to do is to maintain their upright posture on the uneven level that the board provides. This helps with a lot of things, including:

improved balance and coordination

stronger leg muscles, particularly the peroneals (the muscles that move the ball of the foot away from the body)

increased motor skills

helps prevent injury to the ankles and knees from improper posture and flexing
helps with injury rehabilitation

helps improve posture

helps with weight loss
4. How does a balancing board help with weight loss?
For many people, unnecessary weight gain is due to a sedentary lifestyle. By changing how we do things, such as increasing the time we are active versus the time we are inactive, we stand to improve our metabolism considerably, improving overall health. A balance board changes the simple act of standing up into an actual exercise as one maintains balance, alternately shifting one's stance, which involves a lot of muscles.
5. Are balancing boards safe?
The balance boards from Penyona and Harmoni are made with premium, sustainable materials, and designed with constant use in mind. These boards are more durable and reliable than those made from other materials. The natural materials of the board are completely safe, and the thought comes with using it that as one maintains one's health, they are also helping the environment by using a product made with sustainable materials.
6. What is the difference between the standard and pro balancing boards? 
The standard balancing board is a bi-directional rocker board that is relatively simple and easy to balance; the board only changes from left to right. The Pro balancing board is able to recruit muscles that are not used in bi-directional boards as the pro balancing board provides 360-degree movement.

Raw material sourced sustainably from European forests

We believe in sustainability! That's why we source all our wood exclusively from sustainable and FSC-certified sources in Europe. With Harmoni you are making a better choice for the environment than you would be with traditional office furniture made of non-decomposing plastic and energy-consuming manufactured metal.

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